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MAC 4 way solenoid valves large 6500 Series

The MAC 6500 Series is a versatile 4-way solenoid piloted spool valve.  This series features our balanced poppet in the pilot and an air/spring return for consistent shifting regardless of inlet pressure flucuations.  Our balanced spool means the valve can be piped as a 4-way, 3-way, 2-way, normally closed or normally open or can be used for vacuum, diverter or selector applications.  Our one piece bonded seal spool means longer life and easy maintenance. 

The patented MACSOLENOID  with its non-burn out feature on AC service.
A large checked accumulator for consistent shifting on single and double solenoid models.
A plug-in design that provides for internal or external pilot with or without lights and all electrical and air plumbing in the base  the valve portion is the same
Non-lubricated or lubricated service.
Optional low watttage DC solenoids down to 1 watt.
Optional indicator lights, and various types of manual operators.
Non plug-in or external plug-in models are available.

technical data
Fluid : Compressed air, vacuum, inert gases
Pressure range :  Internal pilot : single operator and 3 positions : 25-150 PSI uble operator : 10-150 PSI
External pilot : vacuum to 150 PSI
Pilot pressure : Single operator and 3 positions : 25-150 PSI   Double operator : 10-150 PSI
Lubrication : Not required, if used  select a medium aniline point lubricant (between 180!aF to 210!a
Filtration : 40 |
temperature range :0!aF to 120!aF (-18!aC to 50
Flow (at 6 bar, ?P=1bar) :3/8" : (4.5 C ), 1/2" : (5.0 C ), 3/4" : (5.1 C )
Leak rate : /min0 cm
Coil : Epoxy encapsulated - class A wires - Continuous duty
Voltage range : -15% to +10% of nominal voltage
Protection : Consult factory
Inrush : 14.8 VA
Holding : 10.9 VA
Power :  = 1 to 17.1 W
response times : 24 VDC (8.5 W) ergize : 12 ms -energize : 12 ms  En   De
120/60 ergize : 9-14 ms -energize : 11-18 ms   En   De


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